Formation of gyri and sulci.

First Authors Katherine Long
Authors Katherine Long, Wieland Huttner
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Book Volume Title Patterning and Cell Type Specification in the Developing CNS and PNS : Comprehensive Developmental Neuroscience
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Chapter Number 11
Publisher Academic Press
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ISBN 978-0-12-814406-0
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Print Publication Date 2020-01-01
Online Publication Date 2020-01-01
Abstract Cortical folding is a key feature of the evolutionary expansion of the neocortex. This folding is thought to allow the increase of the cortical surface area within the confinement of the developing skull. Despite its functional importance, the mechanisms that regulate the development of cortical folds have remained elusive. This chapter will discuss several important aspects of folding, including the timing of cortical fold development, the evolution of cortical folding, the cellular and mechanical mechanisms suggested to regulate folding, the model systems being used to study these mechanisms, and, finally, the neurodevelopmental disorders that affect it. While key advances have recently been made in the field, it is clear that several questions remain open, especially those regarding the function of cortical folding and mechanisms that regulate it.
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