SLC26 Anion Transporters.

First Authors Eric R Geertsma
Authors Eric R Geertsma, Dominik Oliver
Corresponding Authors Eric R Geertsma, Dominik Oliver
Last Authors Dominik Oliver
Book Volume Title Anion Channels and Transporters
Series Title (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology ; 283)
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Publisher Springer International Publishing
Book Editors Christoph Fahlke
ISBN 978-3-031-51346-6
First Page 319
Last Page 360
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Print Publication Date 2024-01-01
Online Publication Date 2024-01-01
Abstract Solute carrier family 26 (SLC26) is a family of functionally diverse anion transporters found in all kingdoms of life. Anions transported by SLC26 proteins include chloride, bicarbonate, and sulfate, but also small organic dicarboxylates such as fumarate and oxalate. The human genome encodes ten functional homologs, several of which are causally associated with severe human diseases, highlighting their physiological importance. Here, we review novel insights into the structure and function of SLC26 proteins and summarize the physiological relevance of human members.
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DOI 10.1007/164_2023_698
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