Biological inspiration in optics and photonics: harnessing nature's light manipulation strategies for multifunctional optical materials (Invited talk)

First Authors Mathias Kolle
Authors Mathias Kolle, Joseph D. Sandt, Sara N. Nagelberg, Lauren D. Zarzar, Moritz Kreysing, Peter Vukusic
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Last Authors Peter Vukusic
Conference Proceedings Volume Title Conference on Biophysics, Biology, and Biophotonics - The Crossroads
Series Title Proceedings of SPIE; 9719
Conference Name Conference on Biophysics, Biology, and Biophotonics - The Crossroads
Conference Location San Francisco, CA
Conference Start Date 2016-02-13
Conference End Date 2016-02-14
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ISBN 978-1-62841-953-5
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