Path mutual information for a class of biochemical reaction networks.

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Authors Lorenzo Duso, Christoph Zechner
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Conference Proceedings Volume Title 2019 IEEE 58th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)
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Conference Name 58th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, CDC 2019
Conference Location Acropolis Convention CentreNice; France
Conference Start Date 2019-12-11
Conference End Date 2019-12-13
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Publisher IEEE
Conference Proceedings Editors Carlos A. Canudas de Wit
ISBN 978-172811398-2
First Page 6610
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Print Publication Date 2019-12-13
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Abstract Living cells encode and transmit information in the temporal dynamics of signaling molecules. Gaining a quantitative understanding of how intracellular networks process dynamic signals requires measures that capture the interdependence between complete time trajectories of network components. Mutual information provides such a measure but its calculation in the context of stochastic reaction networks is associated with computational challenges. Here we propose a method to calculate the mutual information between complete time-continuous paths of two molecular species that interact with each other through chemical reactions. We demonstrate our approach using three simple case studies.
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DOI 10.1109/CDC40024.2019.9029316
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