The OpenPME Problem Solving Environment for Numerical Simulations.

First Authors Nesrine Khouzami
Authors Nesrine Khouzami, Lars Schütze, Pietro Incardona, Landfried Kraatz, Tina Subic, Jeronimo Castrillon, Ivo F. Sbalzarini
Corresponding Authors Ivo F. Sbalzarini
Last Authors Ivo F. Sbalzarini
Conference Proceedings Volume Title Computational Science – ICCS 2021 21st International Conference, Krakow, Poland, June 16–18, 2021, Proceedings, Part I
Series Title (Lecture Notes in Computer Science ; 12742)
Conference Name International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS)
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Conference Start Date 2021-06-16
Conference End Date 2021-06-18
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Publisher Springer International Publishing
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ISBN 978-3-030-77961-0
First Page 614
Last Page 627
Print Publication Date 2021-06-18
Online Publication Date 2021-06-18
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DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-77961-0_49
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