Content-Aware Image Restoration: Pushing the Limits of Fluorescence Microscopy

First Authors Martin Weigert
Authors Martin Weigert, Uwe Schmidt, Tobias Boothe, Andreas Müller, Alexandr Dibrov, Akanksha Jain, Benjamin Wilhelm, Deborah Schmidt, Coleman Broaddus, Sian Culley, Mauricio Rocha-Martins, Fabián Segovia-Miranda, Caren Norden, Ricardo Henriques, Marino Zerial, Michele Solimena, Jochen Rink, Pavel Tomancak, Loic Royer, Florian Jug, Eugene W Myers
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Last Authors Eugene W Myers
Journal Name bioRxiv (bioRxiv)
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Online Publication Date 2017-12-19
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Acknowledged Services Computer Department, Fish Facility, Light Microscopy Facility
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DOI 10.1101/236463
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