Spontaneous membrane-less multi-compartmentalization via aqueous two-phase separation in complex coacervate micro-droplets.

First Authors Nicolette G Moreau
Authors Nicolette G Moreau, Nicolas Martin, Pierangelo Gobbo, T-Y Dora Tang, Stephen Mann
Corresponding Authors
Last Authors Stephen Mann
Journal Name Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) (Chem Commun (Camb))
Volume 56
Issue 84
Page Range 12717-12720
PubMed ID 32945817
WebOfScience Link WOS:000580724600038
Open Access true
Print Publication Date 2020-10-22
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Abstract Polyelectrolyte/nucleotide multiphase complex coacervate droplets are produced by internalized aqueous two-phase separation and used for the spatially dependent chemical transfer of sugar molecules, providing a step towards the development of membrane-free "organelles" within coacervate-based protocells.
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DOI 10.1039/d0cc05399f
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