Spindle scaling is governed by cell boundary regulation of microtubule nucleation.

First Authors Elisa Maria Rieckhoff
Authors Elisa Maria Rieckhoff, Frederic Berndt, Stefan Golfier, Franziska Decker, Maria Elsner, Keisuke Ishihara, Jan Brugués
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Last Authors Jan Brugués
Journal Name bioRxiv (bioRxiv)
Article Number https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.06.15.136937
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Online Publication Date 2020-06-15
Abstract Cellular organellessuch as the mitotic spindleadjust their size to the dimensions of the cell. It is widely understood that spindle scaling is governed by regulation of microtubule polymerization.Here weusequantitative microscopyin living zebrafish embryos andXenopuseggextractsin combination with theoryto show that microtubule polymerization dynamics are insufficient to scale spindles and only contribute below a critical cell size. In contrast, microtubule nucleation governs spindle scaling for all cell sizes. We show that this hierarchical regulation arisesfrom the partitioning of a nucleation inhibitor to the cell membrane. Our results reveal that cells differentially regulatemicrotubule number and length using distinct geometric cues to maintain a functional spindle architecture over a large range of cell sizes.
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DOI 10.1101/2020.06.15.136937
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