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Protein tyrosine sulfation.... Denis Corbeil(TU-Dresden) Denis Corbeil(TU-Dresden), Wieland B. Huttner(MPI-CBG) MPI-CBG TU-Dresden Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry 3rd Edition   Joseph Jez s 2021-08-02 2021-08-02 Submitted Huttner s s
Formation of gyri and sulci.... Katherine Long(MPI-CBG) Katherine Long(MPI-CBG), Wieland Huttner(MPI-CBG) MPI-CBG Patterning and Cell Type Specification in the Developing CNS and PNS : Comprehensive Developmental Neuroscience 11 John L.R. Rubenstein s Cortical folding is a key feat... 2020-01-01 2020-01-01 Published Huttner, Postdocs s s
The Golgi Apparatus in Polariz... Elena Taverna(MPI-CBG) Elena Taverna(MPI-CBG), Wieland Huttner(MPI-CBG) MPI-CBG The Golgi apparatus and centriole : functions, interactions and role in disease 15 Malgorzata Kloc s Neurons forming the central ne... 2019-12-20   Published Huttner s s
Methods to Detect and Associat... Juliana G. Roscito Juliana G. Roscito, Michael Hiller(MPI-CBG) MPI-CBG Evolution, Origin of Life, Concepts and Methods 6 Pierre Pontarotti s Understanding which genomic ch... 2019-10-02 2019-10-02 Published Hiller, Postdoc first author, Postdocs, CSBD s s
Centrosomes in asymmetric cell... Felipe Mora-Bermudez Felipe Mora-Bermudez, Wieland B. Huttner(MPI-CBG) MPI-CBG Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (eLS)   Mauro Maccarrone s 2018-09-17 2018-09-17 Published Huttner, Postdoc first author, Postdocs s s
Toward Living Nanomachines... Christof Mast Christof Mast, Friederike Möller, Moritz Kreysing(MPI-CBG), Severin Schink, Benedikt Obermayer, Ulrich Gerland, Dieter Braun MPI-CBG Living machines : a handbook of research in biomimetic and biohybrid systems 39 Tony J Prescott s 2018-01-01   Published Kreysing s s
Genome-Wide Screens for Molecu... Jun Hoe Lee Jun Hoe Lee, Michael Hiller(MPI-CBG) MPI-CBG Evolutionary Biology: Self/Nonself Evolution, Species and Complex Traits Evolution, Methods and Concepts   Pierre Pontarotti s Convergent evolution can occur... 2017-08-08 2017-08-08 Published Hiller, Predoc first author s s
Quantification of endogenous e... Mesut Bilgin(MPI-CBG) Mesut Bilgin(MPI-CBG), Andrej Shevchenko(MPI-CBG) MPI-CBG Lipidomics 7 Paul Wood s Here, we describe the LC-MS/MS... 2017-05-15 2017-05-15 Published Postdocs, Shevchenko s s
Neocortex expansion in develop... Nereo Kalebic(MPI-CBG) Nereo Kalebic(MPI-CBG), Katherine S. Long, Wieland B. Huttner(MPI-CBG) MPI-CBG Evolution of Nervous Systems . Vol. 3 : The nervous systems of non-human primates   Jon H Kaas s 2017-01-01   Published Huttner s s
The Cell Biology of Neural Ste... Stefania Tavano(MPI-CBG) Stefania Tavano(MPI-CBG), Wieland B. Huttner(MPI-CBG) MPI-CBG Essentials of noncoding RNA in neuroscience : ontogenetics, plasticity of the vertebrate brain   Davide De Pietri Tonelli s 2017-01-01 2017-01-01 Published Huttner, Postdoc first author, Postdocs s s
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